Reflection: My Experience Of Teaching And Learning

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Learning is an ongoing process through which we can expand and acquire new knowledge. On the other side, teaching should be effective to ensure that learner must acquire new knowledge.
My first teaching experience was with my nephew. He was struggling to write lowercase alphabet letters, then I planned to teach him. I decided to sit in a separate room where he can study with full concentration. The room was comfortable and noise-free. There were two chairs and one table. I arranged one writing board and one poster to teach him. I started my teaching by showing him a poster and encourage him to find the lowercase letters. Then we moved to next step, I showed him some flash cards to give him an overview of alphabets. Afterwards, I started to
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My nephew became familiar with most of the alphabets because I tried to use his all brain parts. Most important part of brain in learning is cerebellum which processes much of our learning. Occipital lobe of cerebrum was active which responsible for visual information. In addition, temporal lobe was also working which is related to memory and speech. However, students think that the support which they gain from teachers and parents affect their learning. I made him emotionally strong and realized him that I am always here to help you in study. Moreover,…show more content…
His learning was affected by environment because I did not use suitable resources like projector and computer to teach him. Proper learning environment should be full of resources to grab more learning. However, children learn from each other. Calm and polite environment is not much effective for learning. They like interaction and cannot prefer calm environment. Children love play way method to study. This can also be one of the reason for ineffective learning because I did not teach him by play way method and the environment was calm and silent. Thirdly, there was no activity included in the teaching. When we engage students physically and mentally, they receive more information. I did not include any story in my teaching, this can be one of the reason for poor learning. Teaching could have been enhanced by addition of stories and real-life

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