Teaching Focus Shift In Vocational Design Education

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On Teaching Focus Shift in Vocational Design Education Huang Yuan, Xu Guangtong, Liu Suping Abstract: In order to meet the needs of the companies for talented and competent designers, we should make a shift our teaching direction: what knowledge and skills students should acquire before they are accepted by the enterprises. Based on the analysis, this thesis discusses the shift of teaching focus in vocational design education from four aspects: elementary stage, professional stage, practical training stage and teachers’ position in teaching. Key words: vocational design; education and teaching; focus shift (Introduction to the authors: Huang Yuan (1969-) lecturer in Art Design Department of Shijiazhuang Vocational Technology Institute.…show more content…
In order to deal with this urgency, many vocational colleges have to hire professionals or teachers from other universities. Besides, teacher shortage becomes more serious in some newly set disciplines of which purpose is to suit the new industries. For instance, the multimedia design and film and television animation. It is obvious that teachers’ knowledge updating, teaching resources and the equipment do not meet the need of the society and thus, can not really satisfy students’ thirst for knowledge either. 1.3. Social needs for vocational college students What the society and the enterprises need are designers who are qualified for work after graduation. The objectives of colleges and universities should not cultivate such talents as artists or designers, but technical talents needed by the society. It is our starting point to consider what kind of knowledge and skills our students should possess to be recognized and accepted by the enterprises. 2. Teaching Focus Shift in Vocational Design…show more content…
In order to cultivate students’ awareness of active design, it is necessary for teachers to create an atmosphere which is favorable for design making and implementation. Thus, besides teaching knowledge, teachers should also teach students study methods so that they can acquire and develop knowledge. In this way, the development of students’ creative thinking will be achieved. This can be done according to the students’ actual conditions and the technical and material problems in carrying out the scheme should be foreseen. Some debates can be organized to discuss the fashion expression. Here the teachers’ role is not only transmitting knowledge but also broadening the vision of the students so as to lead them to become the main body and even the trainer in learning. In this process, the teachers’ task is to raise questions and evaluate the students’ thoughts so that they are able to express exactly more complicated

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