Teaching Goals In My Life

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One man that I always look up in my life is Mahatma GandHi , He gave great emphasis on education and one of his best quote that I would remember till today is " A teacher who establishes a rapport with the taught , becomes one with them , and learns more of them than he teaches them " . his thoughts made me realize that a true teacher should never stop learning . Time is a created thing . To say " I don't have time " is to say " I don't want to. " . Therefore , I try to steal time for / of my busy schedules for my professional development . I make it a habit of attending at least three national level educational events in a year . By attending these events , I'm able to update myself with the latest development in our national education system…show more content…
I am prepared to rise to the challenges to teaching in the 21st century , and would like to provide an honest , well-rounded education to every student I encounter . On the other hand , I always believe that life throws a lot of curveballs at us and it is important to never get overloaded . So , I try to involve myself in the short term courses , conferences or workshops that will not affect my school work . I'm a member of the Malaysian English language Teaching Association which conducts a lot of events such as conferences , symposiums and workshops that are useful for the teachers . The organization's events are mostly held within one to three days . I use the new ideas that I learned from the conferences on preparing to challenge teaching materials for my students . Besides that , I have plenty of opportunities to present papers and get contacts of other teachers by attending these conferences . Therefore , selecting a high quality of professional development is my choice to get a valuable input in a short period . Education is a major contributor to the development of our society and economic capital

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