Teaching Learning Process

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The teachers have to do the preparation before doing the classroom activity. The good preparation will determine the success of teaching learning process. This preparation includes material and media in order to make an effective teaching learning process. In teaching speaking through hopscotch game, teaching material for young learners is all information, knowledge, or ideas held inside to be delivered to the young learner students in the teaching and learning activities. According to Andrea Pesce (2014) in her article “Teaching ideas”, there are fourteen (14) topics that can be used by the teacher to teach speaking for young learners. They are: me and my family, home, colors, shapes and sizes, classroom objects, numbers, feeling, daily activities,…show more content…
According to Barwick (1998), teaching media that can be used in the hopscotch game are: for indoor activities in the classroom, teachers prepare cellophane tape or hopscotch/puzzle mat. Teachers will make a hopscotch design by using cellophane tape and arrange pieces of a puzzle that have been numbered to 8-12 to make hopscotch mat on the floor. Then, teachers will give number in the squares. Teachers also prepare some questions about thing which stored under number.In outdoor activities at the playground /outside the class, teachers prepare square stones or chalk to create the hopscotch design. Next, Teachers give numbers in hopscotch design on the playground and also prepare some questions separately that held on by teachers.
Teaching procedures are a set of steps or ways that used by teachers to control the games chronologically. In other words, teaching procedures in the hopscotch game similar to how to play the game or steps in playing the hopscotch game. To give an example, the writer will choose one topic to implement teaching speaking by using the hopscotch game. The procedure will be explained as
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There are some suggestions to the English teachers at Elementary School in order to improve the students’ ability in speaking.The writer expects the teacher to find many creative ways to make student interest in learning English especially in learning speaking skills. The teacher can help the students to practice English speaking skills by using various teaching techniques. One of them is using game such as hopscotch game. It is suggested to the teachers to use this technique as their references in teaching speaking English to their students. Therefore, the teacher can focus on helping the students practicing, organizing and delivering the ideas into the sentence in learning speaking English. It is hoped that the students will more interested in learning English. For the readers, it is expected that this paper can give information and references to improve the reader’s knowledge about the using of a hopscotch game in teaching speaking to the young learners especially to the fifth graders of International Elementary
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