Teaching Perspective Inventory

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Taking the Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) provided valuable insights of my personality as an educator and offered vantage points from which I could discern and reevaluate my belief, intentions and actions on teaching. In addition, it gives the clearer understanding of our roles, relationship and responsibility to our students. As revealed, my profile is somewhat flat with apprenticeship, nurturing and social reform as dominant perspectives, with beliefs, intentions and actions aligned with each other while transmission and development as recessive, with inconsistencies that I must consider. A flat profile is a result of being a novice in teaching, an educator who wants to become everything to everybody thus giving strong positive responses…show more content…
I was always engulfed in uncertaintiesif I am capable of accomplishing those tasks. After doing them, I was amazed at myself. But I was more amazed at my teachers for seeing something in me beyond what I saw in myself.During my college years, I spent my weekends volunteering as a teacher in a tutorial program for elementary students. As a teacher, I am aware that my influence to other people is great. I always instill in my students that with education they can uplift the quality of their life, they can do anything and go anywhere no matter what their size, color, background or past; they do have the limitless avenues over their future with…show more content…
I was met by a warm, welcoming face that led me to the seat at the center.It was an assurance for me, a strength to take on the journey that has only begun. A lot of years had passed, yet the memory of my very first day at school is still vivid. Today, I look back on that experience as one of the best of my life. If without for my teachers who guided me, I would have not reach the fullest extent of my potentials.

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