Teaching Philosophy Reflection Paper

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My perspective on teaching is giving a great sense of confidence to students. I believe that the main purpose of education is to motivate and prepare students for their future and as a teacher I hope to be able to influence them and help them understand what education can do for their future. My aim is to transmit knowledge to my students so they can use it in their future career and personal lives. This knowledge taught should allow them to think and act independently. I want them to learn how important is for them to find out who they really are and improve upon themselves. I also want them to see me as a friend as well and not just a teacher because I believe that the most efficient way to approach to students is communication and trust. I consider these to be necessary teaching skills. I, as a future teacher, tend to teach students lessons about life as well and not only lessons for classroom, because when I look back at what life has taught me, most of those are things I did not learn in school. Through all the experiences in life I have realized that you always get what you give. Respect is mutual and in order for someone to respect you, you must respect them. I expect my students to be very respectful and considerate with each-other and all the people they come in contact with, including me. Today, unfortunately, there are a lot of passionless teachers who waste opportunities to influence the future minds, children. I hated attending the classes of these

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