Teaching Philosophy Reflection Paper

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According to my understanding, education is the goal of life and teaching is a task that looks simple from the inside but which is in fact complex on the outside. In this assignment, I am going to justify my teaching philosophy using philosophical references of some great philosophers like John Dewey, Neil Noddings, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Paulo Freire. In his theory of education, Plato says that knowledge must be certain and infallible. Having read and understood Plato’s two essential characteristics of knowledge, I conclude that Plato’s belief is that knowledge is absolute. Plato also stated that knowledge is innate and has been lost from us materialistic beings (H. Thesleff, 2013). Plato believes that a person cannot acquire knowledge if he/she does not already possess it. For him, human beings must turn away from the material world as he considers it a being imperfect since it keeps on changing. However, I strongly believe that acquiring knowledge is compulsory on each human being, whether rich or poor, black or white, male or female. In other words, education is very important as we are living in an ever changing world and it makes no doubt that an educated person has a greater chance to make the world a better place by contributing to the society. It is important to realize that education fosters growth and it builds the character and personality. Furthermore, it has a formative effect on our minds and very often, it influences our decision-making since

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