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Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Purpose

“In learning you will teach / And in teaching you will learn.” This is a quote from Phil Collins’ Son of Man; a song written for Tarzan by Disney. You can watch the video clip on my YouTube channel; https://youtu.be/rR0ectdIG6M. This quote illustrates my original attitude to teaching and learning. As a firm supporter myself (or even a communicant, one might call me) of lifelong education, I genuinely endorse teaching as part of my continuous personal and professional advancement and development. This is exactly why I teach, especially English. On the one hand, having a strong academic background can equip you with all tools required to handle any arising subject situation (learning); while on the other
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My teaching addresses learners ' specific needs, using a variety of official and authentic material (newspaper articles, websites, blog posts, literature, reports) in a communicative, and as much as possible, real-life, context, reducing “Affective Filter”, and thus facilitating language acquisition. The same approach emphasized (and actually still does!) on conveying the meaning through speaking (and thus communicative). The purpose of learning a language is not actually the language itself, but though the language the learner will be able to meet the culture of the Target Language, and easily connect with new people; which is the ultimate aim. Teaching process is personalized to individual learner 's needs, as everyone is different. And everyone who wants to learn a new language can acquire a new…show more content…
Robert Gagne’s basic theory of instructional design may act as guide in any almost any teaching situation; English is no exception. This instructional design (teaching or lesson planning) theory incorporates the following stages, which can be used in any order and as many times as they are believed to be necessary: Gaining the attention and interest of the audience. Informing students of the learning objectives and assessment. Stimulating Recall of Prior Learning. Presenting the content with clear explanations and warm language. Providing students guided, less-guided, and independent practice. There is also the 20/80 rule in lesson design. 20% of class time is devoted to instructions, and the 80% of time is spent to students’ practice. Thus, students are getting the most of classroom time not only to practice but also to assimilate new knowledge and

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