Teaching Problems In Teaching

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Learning new vocabulary is an essential component of learning a new language. Some investigators asserted that in order to recognize nontechnical English texts, learners must know at least 5000 lexical items (Laufer, 1998; Nation,2006). Because of the limited class hours, learners do not have the chance to speak and employ all of the words in class. This leads to some problems for language teachers and learners. The problem faced a language teacher is how to teach this large number of vocabulary during the limited time of the class. They can focus and teach each vocabulary item explicitly, but deliberately teaching of vocabulary is one of the least sufficient methods of developing learners’ vocabulary knowledge. However, explicitly teaching of vocabulary represents an integral element of a well balanced vocabulary agenda (Nation, 2005). The problem that learners encounter when exposed to explicit teaching of vocabulary is the difficulty of the language learning procedure. They should memorize and learn the large quantity of words of the language they are learning. This recommends Language teachers and researchers to look for alternative methods to traditional classroom teaching of vocabulary and to modify vocabulary learning into a enduring procedure which would surpass the limits of the…show more content…
In this study students were surveyed concerning their employment of mobile phones. English vocabulary lessons were sent to the learners' mobile phones by means of short text messages and a website was developed to clarify the English idioms which students surfed using the 3G phones. The results revealed that mobile phones are ubiquitous among students and learners were ready to read small texts on mobile screens. It was observed that mobile phones can efficiently serve to teach a foreign language learner and short text messages are very helpful in teaching

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