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Teaching Reflection This paper is set out as a reflection of the teaching conducted for the current group of students in the 2017 Cohort of MOD 001869.The challenge with the teaching is that it is meant to be collaborative teaching because three members are within the group and everybody should be actively involved in the planning and delivery of the teaching. Team teaching can be motivating learning activities for both the students and the teachers as it ensures an open and egalitarian learning environment which is learner centred. The teaching team bring a wide variety of ideas, knowledge, opinions, various teaching styles and personality to model collaborative teaching which could in-turn affect the learning behaviour of the student positively…show more content…
It was agreed that the teaching should be on appraisal since the topic cut across all professional fields and equally relevant in learning development and curriculum modification through appropriate feedback from students and teachers alike. Equally the preparation of the learning materials and how to go about the teaching as a team to depict the collaborative teaching model. Interestingly, the topic was not difficult to determine amongst the three of us, though we had to meet up four times before agreeing on the final draft of the mode of teaching and learning materials. However, this is to be expected as it has been found out that one of the downsides of collaborative / team teaching is time involvement due to a wide variety of ideas and opinions which needed to ironed out amongst the team (Friend and Cook 2003). The choice of the team was ‘Tag team’ model which allows the lesson plan to be produced collectively and each part of the plan delivered by different team members (Friend and Cook 2003). Again, to determine the learning outcomes and write them according to the Bloom’s taxonomy of learning was equally challenging. This emanates from the fact that for Constructive alignment of the teaching, the learning outcome, teaching activities and assessment must augment one another for the student to learn what is set out to be learnt (Biggs,2014). Bloom’s…show more content…
I strongly feel as a teacher information should be clearly and systematically presented to aid learning activities and promote constructive alignment for learners to achieve the intended learning outcome .Sweller(1988) posit about cognitive overload and advice small information chunk at a time to allow the schema of the brain to process , retain and apply the information as appropriate .This I take on board as too crowded information could lead to information overload and impair the learning outcome of the

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