Teaching Reflection In The Classroom

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At first, the teacher needs to get the stimulus from the enironment, for example, the student’t disurptive conduct during the class. This causes the teacher to respond accordingly to the stimulus, which results in a certain behavior of the teacher during the classes, for example, penalize the student with a low grade. Next, the teacher understands that such a response will not lead to a productive outcome, or even can aggravate the situation. Therefore, the teacher tries to develop competencies, or, alternative approaches of how the student can be motivated or encouraged to work hard during the lesson, and thus consults with the mentor. This step leads to the next level of reflection, which is constructing the beliefs, or workable solutions, which the teacher tries to incorporate into the everyday teaching routine. These everyday teaching reflective…show more content…
This proposition was earlier voiced in the study of Wright and Bottery (1997) who revealed the concerning lack of awareness about professionalism among 90 secondary teacher mentors. As study revealed, teachers ' associate mentoring professionalism with such responsibilities as planning lessons, emphasizing classroom management, getting students to evaluate, helping the student teachers to understand pupils ' needs and assessing the student teachers ' progress (Wright & Bottery, 1997). At the same time it was worrying, that such items as: “discussing ethical dillemas posed by legislation”, “discussing how to maintain the autonomy of teaching profession”, “learning from my student during debriefings”, and “discussing the relationship between schools and society” (Wright & Bottery, 1997, p. 243) were clearly perceived by mentors as least important, which suggests that mentors not only avoid engaging into deeper metacognitive conversations with student teachers but also do not find themselves accountable for raising student teachers’ awareness about the nature of teaching, reflective practices and teacher identity
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