Teaching: The Socratic Method

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The philosopher Socrates and his thought process have shaped Greek philosophical thinking for generations. He is revered by academics and feared by others due to his complex method of thinking and attempt to understand the deeper workings of life. He believes that knowledge is directly related to virtue so in order to live a virtuous life one must seek knowledge.
The main goal of Socrates’ philosophical work and teaching was not to get someone to realize a particular fact but rather to entice philosophical thinking and ultimately strive for perfection of the human character. The Socratic method was just a means to an end for Socrates and the end was this excellence.
The Socratic method is a process of questioning in which Socrates would have
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In fact, the teacher would embrace and cherish the error due to it being a step in the right direction in this complex progressive idea. Socrates once said that the only thing he knew was that he knew nothing. This admission of ignorance became known as Socratic irony, this is a point of view designed to make the Socratic method function. However I find the awareness of ignorance to be a very interesting topic. There is nothing admirable about simply being ignorant but to be fully conscious about said ignorance results in a higher level of thinking and once again this admission is not seen as a downfall but as a move toward greatness in consciousness and ultimate…show more content…
This is the fatal flaw of Hippias and he fails to recognize the true essence of these things. It is not simply the question of something being beautiful or ugly. It is rather the whole concept of beauty and how it is defined. What makes something beautiful? In the modern day we would say that a number of different qualities contribute to beauty, such as, shape, colour or form that please the aesthetic senses. However these things that most would attribute to ‘beauty’ are subjective and can be dependent on state of mind. Therefore, in my opinion, beauty cannot be restricted to any of these properties.
Socrates develops his thought process and tries to get Hippias’ own process to reach a new level and delve further into the subject. He is not asking: “What things are beautiful” but rather what beauty is itself. What is the essence or the core of beauty, what makes a beautiful thing beautiful? This idea has the same relevance as goodness, justice and piety. We cannot determine the goodness of something by conducting a poll. Whether something or someone has a given moral quality is not a matter of opinion. This principle can also be applied to the topic of
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