Teaching With Poverty In Mind Book Summary

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Introduction The book I will be reviewing is Teaching with Poverty in Mind written by Eric Jensen. The book was originally published in 1950 while our copy was printed in 2009 through the ASCD publication company. This book is used in our EDUC 200 Developmental Sciences and the Context of Poverty class to give us insight to challenges that could be present with poverty and schools. Jensen’s book illustrates the story of Mr. Hawkins a teacher’s experiences and growth working with children living in poverty. Along with Mr. Hawkins story Jensen gives logical facts and information about the affect poverty has on children along with his solutions. The book has a big emphasis on the relationship between low socioeconomic status and academic achievement. The information he writes is relevant to his…show more content…
in Organizational Development and a Ph.D. is in Human Development. Jensen also synthesized brain research and developed practical applications for teachers for over two decades. I believe his purpose for writing this book was to put focus on the way poverty affects students and to give fellow educators theories, research, and strategies to hopefully ensure success against despite the present challenges.
The book has a total of 6 chapters not including the introduction. In the Introduction Jensen gives his reasoning of why he has written this book. Following the introduction is chapter one of his book. Chapter 1 details what poverty is and all the different types of poverty, it also describes how poverty affects the home, schools, and the communities. Chapter 2 factual based especially the end that gives a lot of facts and hard data. The chapter early on explains how poverty negatively affects a student’s behavior and academic achievement. Chapter 3
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