Teacup Full Of Roses Summary

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Teacup Full of Roses was written in 1987 by Sharon Bell Mathis, an author who was a special education teacher in junior high school in Washington, library media specialist and author of several books for young people. Teacup Full of Roses is ALA notable book written completely in inspirational and emotional manner. By using a lot of family discussion to write her novel, Mathis is able to keep her reader’s attention by conveying her ideas descriptively throughout the whole book.
Joe, the middle very responsible son who had a plan to hold the family together and give his elder brother the one break he needed. Joy’s decision to leave home is prompted by despair over his mother blindness to his younger brother’s talents and his older brother drug addiction. Teacup Full of Roses is a novel about an inner-city family struggling with a drug addicted son. The book talks about different situation and issues teenagers go through these days.
There are a lot of great discussion that could be had with many other today’s child. After reading this story including this story including drugs, love and what means in a family and dreams. Emotions run a full range from laughing to crying and everything in between. The book has real life situation. The way the characters spoke to each other with an inner city language was at times difficult but the
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If that was her purpose, then I believe that she definitely achieved it. The books primary weakness is that while the family discussions are easy to read and keep the reader engaged, but the way characters spoke to each other with an inner city language was at times difficult too. However, a sensitive and beautifully written the way it focuses a young men and the way they handle their problems is so
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