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Teacup Pigs The teacup pig is a new raging cute pet that are becoming more and more popular as the days pass. These adorable small pigs are pets that should not grow big and will stay looking like a baby piglet forever! Now that famous people, like Paris Hilton, are buying these little piggies families from all over are now adopting them. The pigs are as smart as dogs, friendly, and are really sociable, everything a family needs in a pet! Teacup pigs sound like a amazing pet until they begin to grow, grow, and grow! The breeders are commonly fool people about what is the reality of these poor pigs, “promises are essentially marketing ploys—ones that unscrupulous breeders have been using more and more frequently over the past 15-plus years.…show more content…
Unscrupulous breeders are breeding pigs less than a year old, and by the time the litter is born, the parents still are only about eight months old and far below their full size. (Teacup Pigs All The Rage, But Animal Welfare Group Urges People To Do.)” Once the parent pigs give birth the breeder will have the potential buyer come look at the new borns with the parents, and since the parents are small the breeder will then tell the buyer that is how big the parent pigs are and the biggest the newborns will get. This breeding can cause great health issues to the “teacup pig” and is also unhealthy for the parents. “Health issues resulting from reduced genetic diversity, such as squished snouts, which cause breathing problems later in life. And breeders often instruct buyers to feed their pig a diet that amounts to starvation. Many pigs come in malnourished and emaciated. Underfed pigs also suffer from weak immune systems, sensitive skin and hoof problems (6 Reasons Why Teacup Pigs Are Not Pets.)” Some of these breeders do not care about how these pigs are bred, “overwhelming numbers of rescued mini-pigs. Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, estimated a total of 300,000 in 2009—a figure that 's grown in the years since. more rescued minis with congenital problems—such as deep recessed eyes, males born with retained testicles, and females born without an anus—because of poor breeding practices. On many rescues, the herd of 50 to 100 pigs he encounters are descended from one pair of siblings(The Big Problem With Mini Pigs.)” The breeders are messing with the genetic pool by having the pigs bred with incest, so the pig will have deformities. Some other health issues that can occur are:Heart Deformities which often result in a short lifespan, Digestive system deformities, higher rate of epilepsy, liver deformities, hypoglycemia, the soft spot on their skull may not harden correctly so they
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