Pmpg 5501 Leadership And Management Case Study

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PMPG 5501 Team Assignment
Assignment #: 1
Date Submitted:
Friday Jan 16 2015
Team #6
Team Leader:
Pratik Patel
Team Members (full names):
Nimish Thakur
Dilip Bhatija

The purpose of this assignment is to distinguish clearly between leaders and managers.
We have answered the following questions in this assignment.
1. What is the difference between leadership and management?
2. In the project management field, why is it important to differentiate between these two perspectives?
3. Which is more important, leadership or management? Why?
4. In which phase(s) of the project lifecycle is it important to be a leader? Why? In which phase(s) of the project lifecycle is it important to be a manager? Why?”

1. What is the difference
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In the initial phases of project management, Leadership plays major role as it is important to do the right things from the very start as only than you can follow the right path forwards. You need a leader in the start who can show you the right path to follow and who can lead you in the right direction. From there on management comes into picture as management follows the policies and procedures of the organization. Management makes sure that everything takes place according to the set protocol of the organization. But overall it 's a combination of both leadership and management throughout the project management process. A leader motivate you to think creatively and also guides you about the changes that are occurring in your environment, on the other hand management keeps you in discipline and teaches you what it is to work under set of guided rules and…show more content…
One without the other is incomplete. A project cannot become successful with leadership or management alone. Both leadership and management are necessary for the project to complete successfully. However, for the sake of argument, we say that Leadership is more prominent in the Initiating, Planning and Execution phase, and management is more prominent in the Execution, Monitoring and controlling and Closing phase. This does not mean the absence of management when leadership is more prominent or the absence of leadership when management is more prominent. The leadership leads, motivates, drives the company towards the vision, forms policies and procedures and sets organizational goals while management executes tasks as stated within the policies and procedures and performs work required to achieve the organizational
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