Team Based Organization Case Study

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Introduction The definition of a team can be defined many different ways. It may be defined as a group of people who are interdependent with respect to information, resources, and skills, who seek to combine their efforts to achieve a common goal. The dynamics of a team is the manner in which the team relates with regard to the interpersonal relationships involved in order for the conglomeration to achieve a common goal. In this task, I’m addressing the importance of team dynamics as it relates to the success and failure of a team and its goals.It also provides an overview of how teams perform within the organization to achieve the organization's strategic objectives. (Susan T. Beyerlein, 2003) According to me the Team performance has an important…show more content…
Ltd Team Based Organization The team based organization (TBO) model presents managing a team based organization. This model is much common in many organization designs. It starts with the company strategy i.e. goal, it includes an initiative like how, performance is measured i.e. outcome and feedback loops to redirects to strategic and operational issues. In successfully Team based organization the complete focus is not only on teams but also highlights the essential role of the managers. Form a strategic vision: Rapidly growing technology and global competition are making the organizations implement new ways to gain competitive advantage. In this new technological era one company masters a new technology and the other company makes the technology advanced. So there is need to catch the flexible changes in the market to meet the customers’ expectations which is essential in drafting organizational strategy. First process of team based organization is to form strategic objectives. Goal and objectives: The goals and objectives are can be given shape from strategic vision. The long term planning like five year or year ten product and profits plans, communicates strategic objectives to the organizational community. These plans are useful in day to day decision…show more content…
Pvt. Ltd seems working individually but actually they are working in team. Despite of strong team bond, few members seems to have poor experience in IT related field. It cannot be denied that working in team dynamics is an essential aspect nowadays. Individual might possess a number of team roles but the more appropriately team roles are combined, the more successfully members perform. Several authentic team-building actions can be valuable for them, but eventually, to achieve enhanced teamwork organization must get the accurate essentials first. To achieve the common goals and tasks, the leader and team members must be aware of factors of group dynamics and the different team roles that members play in team. Management should focus on how their staffs work in routine basis, and provide staff the tools they need for finishing their
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