Team Development In The Workplace

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Team development is an important issue in most organizations as it has a direct influence on its performance. Team development involves various stages that must be managed effectively by the team leaders so as to create an effective team. The paper herein gives a description of the team development process and the team management techniques to reduce the chances of fallout. The paper starts with an introduction to the case which involves two departments in an organization and finally describes the specific team development stages, Team Development Introduction The business environment is an ever-evolving beast, Change is a common phenomenon at every workplace, and it is beneficial to the business, the employees and other stakeholders in the…show more content…
Communication is always the first step, and when merging department, companies or individuals’ communication is key to meet specific goals. For instance, to tell them that the merger will increase the rate of production and promote teamwork within the organization. The communication of the goal should put emphasis on the benefit of the merger both to the organizations and the employees as well (Paton & McCalman, 2008). Some of the benefits that may result from the merger include reducing the workload for the employees and increase collaborative work among the employees. Through communication, the goals of the change, frequent meetings with the affected employees are important to promote open communication between the leaders and the team members so to create a sense of…show more content…
One of the main ways of implementing a change or bringing people together to work as a team is through involvement. Failing to involve people in a change or team building process is likely to promote internal opposition among the members who were not involved. Therefore, to have succeeded in merging the two groups to form one team, the members of all the teams will have to be involved in the transformation process so that they can give their opinion about the process. (Hayes, 2014) Asking the employees about their opinion on a particular matter is important in trying to make them feel as they are part of the implementation process and hence raises their chances of supporting the move. Employee involvement in making such a decision is also an important step in which employees feel that they have the power to initiate and contribute to the process. Therefore, the team will organize a series of meetings to involve all the employees in every step taken in accomplishing the merger. Once members of the team are able to give their feedback, the next stage now involves the process of team development where every member has to be integrated into the team whether they supported the move or
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