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Team dynamics and groups are used by multinational to owned locally companies and environment of Multinational Corporation as part of project to create, develop, or research a new product, procedure or solution. Regardless of the environment, team dynamics is a growing trend. Realizing that results from a successful learning team as a whole outweigh any possible results from the team’s individual members by themselves only adds value to the team dynamics concept. A successful team dynamics completion can only be accomplished by the supervision of an excellent team leader. Orchestrating a successful team through its life cycle if difficult and takes a special person to lead the team. A successful team leader’s contributions and
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Kennedy stated in his Day of Affirmation Address, University of Capetown, South Africa, June 6, 1966, “Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly. As a team is brought together, the leader must immediately set the stage by providing leadership and coaching to reach the lofty expectations and goals set forth before them. Leadership and coaching involves setting good examples or leading by example, creating an environment and atmosphere of openness, and providing the team with a vision of the ultimate goals and objectives. An open line of communication provides an avenue for creative thinking and cooperative teamwork and collaboration. In turn this will give each team member the impression that his or her contribution is…show more content…
But many of the problems which can hamper team performance come as much from the relations between the project team and the project partner organizations as from within the team itself. Projects and project teams often start in a flurry of activity. However, as daily operational problems occupy people’s attention, it becomes increasingly difficult for the team to get access to the required skills or resources. For example, key people are busy and managers have other things on their mind and so on. One way of trying to avoid these situations in a project is to begin with a ‘goal redefinition’ exercise to clarify what is expected of the project and the project team and the implications for each partner organization. This could be done through the project manager undertaking one-to-one interviews with senior managers who are not involved directly in the project in each partner organization, but who are nonetheless ‘key influencers’, finding out their expectations and what would and would not be acceptable. These interviews should include questions such as:
• What are your expectations from the project and the project team?
• What would you like to see change as a result of the project team’s work for your area?
• What are the main dangers/traps facing the team? How could we avoid

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