Team Leaders Should Understand Their Team Members

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It is important that a team leader is more of a mentor to their team members rather than just being a strict manager. Team leaders should understand their team members well. Today employees are to share a healthy comfortable level of relationship with their supervisors and managers. A team leader has the responsibility to encourage their team to provide the best and immediately intervene in cases of conflict. All team members should be able to trust the team leader, look up to them and take their team lead advice confidentially whenever required. Team leads should not be partial to any team member and support each team member equally. It is the duty of the team lead to extract the very best out of their team members.
Tricia being the team lead is responsible for bringing her team members closer so she can build a better professional rapport and ensure all are motivated to deliver their level best. With the help of the team management feedback, she moved forward to manage a positive ambience at the workplace and promoted a healthy interaction for her team. Tricia team lead role was tricky with the social media Facebook and twitter, however, it was launched as a well-utilized approached as she started with the professional
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I would clearly define and professionally decline becoming a Facebook or twitter friend (if had a twitter account). I do understand there are features and filters to allow only certain types of information to be disclosed but I also believe social and professional lives will collide. LinkedIn will more likely a better approach for a professional social media connections. Social media technologies can be pervasive and will creep into our professional and personal lives. There is a fine line of separations and a defining the overlap between both. I am not willing to cross the employee and friend

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