Communication And Team Performance Essay

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A review of the effect communication has in on a team’s performance,

Communication can be considered one of the most important factors for a team’s success. According to academic literature communication and team performance are linked. This literature review will provide an informative update on communication within teams. As well as factors inside and outside of a team that can affect communication and ultimately performance. Some key aspects of communication in teams reviewed in this literature review are: Cooperation, workplace environment, perceived pressure, presence/absence of formal leadership, collaboration, feedback, and face to face groups verse computer mediated groups and group dynamics. This literature review seeks to provide a general understanding of how communication works in teams and how affects performance.

Communication in teams allows for ideas to be shared, and ultimately increases the efficiency of a team. Kalliath and Laiken (2006) assert the above mentioned by stating that communication, along with purpose for forming the team contributes greatly to team performance. Communication leads to better cooperation. Sigmar, Hynes and Hill (2012) states that there is evidence showing that cooperation promotes the use of better reasoning strategies, higher achievement, and a better
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Tost, Gino and Larrick (2013) claim that a formal leader’s experience of heightened power can lead to verbal dominance, which in turn reduces team communication. The presence of a formal leader can hence lower a team’s performance because the team may feel that there is no authority openness (Tost, Gino and Larrick, 2013). However, in a group with an informal hierarchy, communication tends to increase (Tost, Gino and Larrick, 2013). This increase of openness and communication can improve collaboration within
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