Team Work In Health Care

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Team work is very significant in fulfilling and achieving a common goal and a vital part in the health care delivery system to promote a high quality and safety care. Team work in the health can be defined as “ A dynamic process involving two or more health professionals with complementary backgrounds and skills sharing common health goals and exercising concerted physical, mental effort in assessing, planning , or evaluating patient care ( as cited in Singleton, Santomasino, Slyer 2015).According to Xyrichis and Ream, through shared decision making, independent collaboration , and open communication , team work can be attained ( as cited in Singleton,2015). Moreover, team work and collaboration is one of the expected nursing competency. During…show more content…
Initially, I felt that team work is not an easy job, because of the diversity among all our group members. Due to some past experiences, I used to rarely rely on people with the delivery of task. So I was uncertain about our team and task. So primarily, we tried to understand each other by sharing information about our backgrounds, interests, and experience. During our first meeting, we allocated a leader who always involved us in determining the team roles and responsibilities and guided us to work together to achieve the highest outcome as a team. Through our meeting, our leader demonstrated the team work, assigned task equally among the members and generated a plan of action to achieve the goal. This is really motivated me to be committed to the team and increased my trust and could work with them…show more content…
As a team, we could understand our difficulties and managed unexpected situations that might happen during the stages of team development through the help of this Tuckman’s stages of team development. However, after the first meeting, gradually we all developed a sense of understanding among ourselves for team work and all of us took some specific task related to our group work like take minutes of group discussions, setting group information and meeting, research in the net, making videos, etc. What surprised me was the team spirit, and commitment, and of course the support one another that help us to put our effort

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