Team Working In Health And Social Care Essay

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The critical incident was the lack of information sharing could have led Emma not receiving the services which were identified for her by the health visitor. The concept of joint working is central is a central theme in policies such as Every Child Matters (DfES 2003), The Children Act (2004) and the National Service Frameworks in England and Wales (Department of Health 2004). Effective team work can enhances service provision and ensure better result of care, lower result of stress for parents and mutual support for the family and the child ( Borrill ,2002). The Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) Code of Conduct (2008) that professional should work together in prompting the wellbeing of those in their care including the family and wider committee The failure by professionals to work as a team can lead care being poorly managed or missed and carers also losing trust in professional. Lord laming enquiries (Laming, 2003; 2009) findings stated that ineffective interpersonal relationship and cross system challenges have contributed to failures in care. However, the system used in health and social system health care are different and complex and there are many barriers to successful professional working in terms incompatible information sharing mechanisms (Valios, 2009).For effective inter professional working, it is essential that…show more content…
When people have a positive view of change it provides energy and enables people to learn and grow. When people however, see change as a threat, it can cause uncertainty and confusion (Russell and Russell, 2006). To avoid causing stress and anxiety, continuous training will be provided to inform the practitioners about the benefits of using electronic systems. An advantage is that most teams are already using the electronic systems at their work place and are familiar with the
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