The Importance Of Organizational Communication In The Workplace

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There are few strategies that organization can implement in order to solve the stress among the employees:
Communication with the Employees Communications are vital within an organization whereby can keeping the employees can up to date information for any changes, expectations and their own performance in order to reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety. Organizational communication is defined as a process through which information about the workplace and employee’s job itself is transmitted by the organization to its employees (Price, 1997). Any problem that the employee face should be taken into consideration and the stress level of the employee should not be taken for granted. The employer may call the employee to meet up for a sharing
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Teambuilding may be done within the workplace or outside the workplace. For the internal, the supervisors or upper management that may understand the situation faced by the employees demands besides the work related and accommodate the employees’ efforts to seek balance between these roles. Reviews by Ellen Kossek and colleagues (2014) found that family-specific supportive supervision has a greater impact on stress management than generally supportive supervision. They also found that employees’ perceptions of their own supervisors’ family supportiveness determines whether they are likely to perceive their companies as supportive family in real, rather than only stating it in work-family policies on the employee handbooks books. For instance, every year teambuilding will have to be organized within an organization to strengthen the relationship among the members. In the case of Madam Chong, she should share some of her problems with her colleague or her upper management so that she can seek or advice to minimize her stress level. At the same time she should take some time off to go for a holiday with her family in order to clear off her mind from workplace problem at the same time can spend her time with her…show more content…
This is whereby the organization should hire or elected a competent person that can become the internal trainer for conducting an internal stress management programs. A review reported that stress inoculation training programs demonstrated positive impacts on employee health. Studies in a wide-range of clinical populations found consistent improvements in depression, anxiety, coping style, and quality-of-life measures (Grossman, Niemann, Schmidt, & Walach, 2004 Grossman, P., Niemann, L., Schmidt, S., & Walach, H. (2004). It also ensures that the human resource practitioner can become a counsellor where their employee can seek some advice when they encounter problems. For instance, the human resource practitioner may conduct a morning prayer sessions whereby the entire employee may have a sharing sessions. If they encounter some problem, the committee may assist by providing some advice or some solutions. At the same time they can conduct the yearly stress management problems in their own meeting room without any need to incur some extra cost. Therefore, for the case of Madam Chong, she should at least once a week set aside an hour to bring her team or colleague and family members together in a fun environment; play a game, go out for lunch or arrange for a motivational speaker to come into the office (Westman, Bakker, & Westman,

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