Teamwork At Ideo Case Study

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Micael Sega Written Response #3 CONCEPT QUESTIONS 1) The difference between groups and teams is whether or not they work towards one goal or individual goals. A group is two or more individuals that are connected that work on individual goals. For example, two employees of the same company that work in different sectors. One works on developing an annual report while the other works on setting up customer acquisition. A team is two or more individuals that are connected and work on same goals. Going back to the same example, the annual report is to see what has been working to acquire new employees which will assist customer acquisition. 2) The five basic factors which impact the performance of a group are composition, size, informal…show more content…
This allows for two things to occur. The first is that individuals feel like their employer cares causing them to work harder. The second is that every employee are able to bounce ideas off each other creating better ideas which can become innovated concepts. 2) Diversity influences the effectiveness of teamwork at IDEO by bring individuals from all walks of life together. These individuals hold different perspectives and experience that helps the team as a whole. It as if certain groups of people with similar attributes have one piece of the puzzle and by diversity you can accumulate different pieces to see the whole picture. For example, if a group was developing a shampoo conditioner for women of color and only had white men in their team. Will they be able to truly understand or see what these women would want? H&M controversy could be a good example of what happens when you do not have enough…show more content…
The first one, was that it was unusual that South Korean males were doing household chores like dish washing and cleaning. The second one, was that South Korean business, they did not have a hierarchical title so it became confusing to transition to the Starbucks business model. In order to solve these conflicts Starbucks did two things. The first was to show that officials at high levels can do small chores therefore they can. The second was that Starbucks gave each individual English titles, which they stated brought

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