Effective Teamwork Case Study

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“Today, with business competition, customer expectations, new technology, and many other developments, it is more critical than ever to build teamwork in your organization .The many challenges that your organization faces, the more critical it becomes that teamwork is effective”.(Pielow, 2010).The whole process of having an effective teamwork must start with a company leadership team which focuses on the critical aims of the enterprise. And the members of the team Should Have the following features : sharing goals, knowing the common aim , communicating freely together and helping each other. (Slocum and Hellriegel, 2009) . This essay will explain the characteristics and factors of a successful teamwork. It will also discuss some barriers to effective team work.
As Slocum and Hellriege (2009) explained that “Team is a small number of employees with complementary who are committed to common performance goals and working relationships for which they hold themselves mutually accountable”. This means that team is a number of people who work together to achieve a certain goal.
There are many qualities that indicate what is an effective teamwork. One of them is adequate leadership is that available in the group. Another quality is having an agreed organizational strategy in the team with enough resources to
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The case study was concerning the group or individual mode of learning. It was reported by Kulski and Kerr in 2012. Both of the universities went through both modes of learning. The first study case results showed that most of the students prefered the individual mode of learning. Later on. with the other case study that has been conducted on the classes which had building project and teamwork. As a result the teamwork was more effective and interesting mode of learning ( Kulski and Kerr, 2012). This shows that teamwork is more effective than individual
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