Teamwork Group Communication: The Importance Of Communication In A Company

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Communication is a primordial competence regarding human resources, transfer of information is very important when working with different sector amongst the same company. According to Berkeley university of California (2017) there are three steps to becoming a better communicator, communicating does not only depends on the skills and abilities of the line manager or manager it is also creating an environment that is “conductive to openness”.
It is an environment in which all employees are encouraged to communicate within the setting of a hierarchy, some might be more open to vertical communication meaning that line managers also take into consideration what the staff has to propose but it also goes with line managers being considerate by their
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Leaders are more prompt on teamwork group communication vertical communication, different ideas are encouraged and debated amongst the group. On the other hand, managers are more straight forward and give the requirements and expectations to be executed not to be debated. (Heathfield, S 2017)
Expectations and requirements are constantly evolving as the environment is continuously changing this underline the importance of conducting meeting with the staff. Constant feedback and face to face interaction is primordial in a corporation considering everyone knows what are their objectives and how to reach them in the company, it is a way to monitor the performance as well as to inform the staff about what they are expected to do and how they must do it. At Le Méridien Nice, expectations where clearly defined by top managers and expectations where given by line managers. Line managers have an operational view of the task and an expertise to they can give fair and meaningful ways as how to conduct the
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Importantly the company must be compliant to the legal requirements (food safety, stars system in hotels…). Support for employees, being positive and encouraging. Create a fair work environment to reach consistency and perfection. Be the vector for individual learning and organisational improvement. A manager is required to conduct his subordinates within the standards that have been set by the organisation. Therefore, leading by example represent all the practices and behaviours of a manager that will provide new unofficial standards that will be followed by the team (Wheatman, D 2016). For example, a good leader will show empathy, hold everyone accountable including themselves, have a good communicating environment, open to dialogue and investing and trusting towards the team.
At Le Meriden Nice, the line manager for la Terrasse rooftop restaurant is a good example of a leader by example. On the field, he will address all sorts of issues, taking into consideration what the staff has to say to improve the quality of service in a respectful

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