Teamwork In Apollo 13

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What role did teamwork play in the simulation activities prior to the launch? Answer: Prior to launch, the teamwork make able all the team members to check all necessary things for their mission. They were able to make a plan for their mission and also deciding their role which will be played after the launch. Most importantly the teamwork also helps them to get familiar with each other and also help them to develop the trust on each other abilities. What happens when the planned team is split up? What types of emotions does the team experience? Answer: The initial team which was decided for mission of Apollo 13 was consisting of Jim Lovell, Ken Mattingly and Fred Haise. Few days before the launch of mission Apollo 13, Mattingly become sick…show more content…
In case if members of Apollo 14 team would not function well as team then the life of all three members would be in great danger. The lunar module was designed for two persons but they were three in number; right after the second day of their mission, they were lacking oxygen and energy because one oxygen tank was exploded and other oxygen tank was failed. So both of these problems were critical, without a proper team work they might not be able to overcome these problems. Without the perfect teamwork, they might not be able to return to the earth safely. They might be dead because of lack of oxygen and excess of carbon dioxide. So all in all, teamwork plays an important role in saving their life and their return to the…show more content…
After the report of explosion in lunar module giving result in lack of oxygen, excess of CO2 because of poor filtration and lack of energy, the control tower team was having a huge task. They have to work together by using the maximum of the expertise to develop the new navigation procedure and they also have to test these procedures too. After that they have to communicate with the first team (three members of Apollo 13) about the newly developed and tested navigation procedures. It was only the good teamwork which makes able the control tower team to do the task of three months in only three days. What is the significance of the phrase "failure is not an option?" Answer: The phrase “failure is not an option” was used by Kranz when he order his team to develop a new plan for brining the astronauts back to earth. He said these words to his team members for doing their best work. So this means that we cannot fail and we need to do more hard work to get success. Was their anxiety as to whether the crew could trust the control tower to have their best interests at hand? Give a few examples of how this was shown.

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