Teamwork In Freak The Mighty

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The Effects Of Teamwork What is teamwork? Teamwork is the connection to working together to get something accomplished. In the novel Freak The Mighty by Rodman Philbrick teamwork plays a huge role between two friends.Max and Kevin are the two main characters in the book Freak The Mighty Kevin has a disorder called Morquio Syndrome that his body does not grow but his organs do, while Max has a dark secret that does not want to talk about and is big and dumb. Together these two teens could accomplish anything together than they could separate through the work of teamwork. One example of how Kevin and Max had teamwork is when they are at the fireworks.Max and Kevin were at the fireworks for the 4th of july but they ran into Tony B a bully and Max does not know what to do but with Kevin there he told him to go into the lake to get away.”I am running right than left, running blind and letting Freak decide where we go,Because he must have a plan, a dude as smart as that” (Philbrick 36). At this point in the book Max,with Kevin on his shoulders, are running from Tony blade, Max does not know what to do he is just…show more content…
Max and Kevin are going into the pond to get away from Tony blades gang when something halts the ganges advance. “The mud is around my knees and is hard to turn around finally I get so I am facing back at shore and there's Blade, just his head above the water and he looks all white and scared” (Philbrick 37). At this point Kevin told max to go into the pond but since max is abnormally tall he can get really deep with Kevin on his shoulders, far enough so that Blade goes out to deep and almost drowns. This example of teamework shows that if Max did not have Kevin he would of not known to go into the pond and if Kevin was alone he would of not got very far because of his without one another they would of no got away as what happened with he work of
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