Teamwork In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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The boys efforts to imitate and to try and recreate the adult world but fall short and fail due to their developmental teamwork and cognitively. In Lord of the Flies by William Golding This sets them up as they are delayed by their emotional and mental setbacks. This results in them creating an unstable society that is failing to maintain and keeps itself above water as a comparison between the two things and ideas. Their society that they had set up had failed due to their lack of teamwork and collapsed onto itself. There is an analogy that fits this, an upside down pyramid, a symbol of unbalanced team work. It shows how work, team work, is not distributed evenly. More weight is put upon others such as Ralph the leader, and less pressure is…show more content…
Throughout this book it is a theme that the boys are forced to simulate adults for means or survival. The quote “Piggy was ... so full of pride in his contribution to the good of society … that he helped to fetch wood.” shows that people weren 't forced to help out and fetch wood, at first, people were offering to help out for the better of others. There was both positives and negatives that came out of this, one of them being the ending of Piggy, the quote“There was no piggy to talk sense” is showing that if people attempt to cut off a certain limb or branch of society they will result in something unbalanced, such as an upside down triangle or an upside down pyramid. A symbol of a triangle being upside down shows that now everything is evenly spread out from each other, a lack of teamwork. The killing of piggy ended in an negative for them, an act of impulse. That they had believed for it to be a positive at the time. In conclusion of the book they have both created a society for themselves and then destroyed it by their lack of emotional maturity and mental maturity. This results in the lack of a leader that is well rounded like a good leader would be. The unbalanced maturity and skills form an upside down pyramid where a lot of pressure is being applied to one point, instead of having a
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