Importance Of Managing Diversity In The Workplace

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In addition, building a teamwork in the firm is vital to increase productivity, profitability, and to develop employees' skills. Moreover, team working is beneficial for employees and managers. To benefit from the personnel and to achieve a cooperation in the firm, it is critical to provide them with the chance to work in teams. As well, every person in the team should be provided with the chance to achieve his/her targets. In addition, a teamwork needs a change in the organizational culture (Bektas & Sohrabifard, 2013).

Additionally, teams are important to perform complex tasks. Moreover, it is essential to measure the team performance that is critical in the operation. As a result of increasing the complexity of
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For illustration, these practices include encouraging the use of a common language in the operation among all workers, encouraging participation of them, and continual communication between them and employers (Saxena, 2014). Managing diversity is important to achieve collaboration and cohesion among employees (Aretz & Hansen, 2003). Creating a teamwork atmosphere among workers is crucial for managing diversity in the workplace well (Farren & Nelson, 1999).

Moreover, team working is critical for satisfying employees (Hanaysha & Tahir, 2016). Diversity management in the place of work is the process of connecting individuals from different backgrounds, religions, and ages to create a cohesion between them (Rosado, 2006). Employee involvement programs which concern on communication and team working may lead to proper outcomes in a diverse workplace. Furthermore, to create a connection among labors in the operation, it is important to involve them in a teamwork (Yang & Konrad,
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Capability Development

Many leading organizations are unsuccessful in promotion, retention, and training of minorities and women (Goodman, Fields & Blum, 2003). According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (2005), one of leading diversity management practices is "diversity training" that means the process of apprising and educating management and labors about diversity. Additionally, this type of training is crucial for increasing the awareness of management and staff about diversity. Furthermore, training of personnel should focus on teambuilding, decision making, conflict resolution, and communication styles.

Train-the-trainer programs and improved training programs have a positive impact on job satisfaction (Hatcher, 1999). Moreover, training is significant to satisfy employees and to achieve the profitability of operations (Hanaysha & Tahir, 2016). Ovidiu-Iliuta (2014) asserted that training is vital for personnel. Nevertheless, service employees are among the least trained American workers (Conrade, Woods &
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