Tear Gas Research Paper

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The Use of Tear Gas on Civilians by Law Enforcement Tear gas is a term for chemical weapons identified as non-lethal and approved for use in riot control. Such weapons include CS gas, CR gas, pepper spray, and mace. In recent years, its usage, has drawn the attention of international media and generated outrage against escalating police militarization. This paper investigates the use of these chemical agents by law enforcement, the effects it has on people, and its value as a crowd control agent to judge whether their use should remain legal. Evidence suggests that the use of tear gas in crowd control should be discontinued due to its adverse effects on people and its poor ability to control crowds. How has tear gas been used by law enforcement?…show more content…
After the war, the horror of gas attacks led to signing of the Geneva Gas Protocol of 1925, which banned the use of all chemical weapons; however, an exception was made for tear gas usage in controlling riots among prisoners of war. Decades later, the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993 prohibited the production and use of chemical weapons except for tear gas, which had been approved for use in domestic riot control. Tear gas has since been used against protests and demonstrations, for which it receives negative attention on social media and becomes the subject of derisive internet memes. Although police and other proponents often claim that no serious or long-term injuries result from tear gas exposure, the exceptional status of tear gas as a chemical weapon is often called into question. One of the most controversial topics around tear gas is its approval for use against civilians but not
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