Tears Of A Tiger: A Character Analysis

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While both Steve Harmon from Monster and Andrew Jackson from Tears of a Tiger both seem like they are unable to do with without somebody else, they differ because Steve is discouraged while Andy is irresponsible. Both characters are very dependent on another supporting character whether it is emotionally or physically. However, Steve is discouraged and worried about his future. Andy, on the the other hand, seems very thoughtless and doesn’t seem to think about the consequences of his actions. These topics all show that characterization plays an important role in the reader’s understanding of character development. Both Steve and andy are dependent on someone else. One example of this is an excerpt from Tears of a tiger when the text states, “Forget this! I don't need this. How come he be gone? Adults are always talking’ ‘about being’ there when you need them, but then when you decide you do, they disappear like dust!” This example demonstrates Andy’s dependence on someone else because this excerpt describes his reaction…show more content…
Proof of this is when the text states, “You know those giant waterslides they have at the swimming pool. That’s my grades.” This shows that Andy is letting the accident affect his grades which will ultimately harm his future. More proof of this is when the author states, “...he’s somewhere between failing miserably and squeaking by with mercy.” This passage illustrates how low Andy’s grades are to point where even the teachers are admitting that he is slipping ever since the accident. This shows that Andy isn’t being responsible with his grades and that he is letting his trauma control him. One final piece of evidence is when the text says, “I had told them about you.” “...you weren’t at school that day.” “Uh, I had a cold.” This piece of evidence shows that Andy is coming up with excuses to avoid coming school and is neglecting his
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