Tears Of A Tiger Analysis

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After reading, Tears of a Tiger, The First Part Last, and Distracted to Death, I can say teens are careless. The reasons I say this is because, the three texts discuss issues like teenage pregnancy, drinking and driving, and texting and driving. These issues have been the cause of several deaths. Most teens make their decisions through emotional circumstances. It is important to educate teens on these issues to prevent future problems. In the text, The First Part Last, Bobby and Nia are college students and somehow became parents of a daughter named Feather. Both didn’t expect to have a baby as they are still young as well. But since Nia was in the coma, Bobby had to take responsibilities of Feather. In the text, it states, “some kids my age are hanging around this arcade I’ve been wanting to check out, but haven’t had the time, and probably won’t ever have. They lean against the games and each other. I look at them and feel like I’m missing something (Bobby, pg.#).” Bobby wants to be carefree, but sacrifice his own desires for Feather’s welfare in mind. Furthermore, in the text, Tears of a Tiger, author Sharon Draper discuss another teen issue =, drinking and driving. Andy and his friends Robbie, B.J., and Tyrone made a huge mistake by drinking and driving. This caused a devastating incident by killing Robbie. Andy couldn’t take this guilt and…show more content…
Most likely people who are texting while driving can get into an accident. So, it’s important for drivers to put down any device that distracts them and focus on driving. Per the article, 18-year-old Brooke Miranda Huges and her 19-year-old passenger were both killed. “She was also live-streaming on Facebook when a tractor-trailer slammed into the back of her Suzuki Forenza on a Pennsylvania highway.” Also, statistics say, “660,000 number of drivers in the U.S. using cell phones while driving right now
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