Techfite And Endothon Company Culture

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A. Classification of Type of Culture Hierarchy culture fits Techfite, because it controls the internal focus and production of the company. Hierarchy culture is based on corporate levels and structures. Hierarchy Culture can lead to a positive or negative outcome. Techfite and Endothon have different cultures inside their organizations. Considering Techfite, it has Hierarchy Culture which means; its more focused on customers and its outside gatherings. Consumer loyalty is the fundamental rationale of employees in this culture. Each employee in the organization is responsible to fulfill his or her customer’s needs and expectation for the company success. ( On the other hand, Endothon has a Market Culture. In this culture,…show more content…
The change can be dynamic and effective. This change process must be viewed as an investment for the company. Lewin’s change Model is important ;because each employee must be ready to learn new things as well as unlearning old practices.Motivation is the most important part and difficult at times for changes to take effect. Employees are responsible for the company success.If employees don’t change their attitude and old practices to embrace new ones ;it will break the company.Resistance is something that every company experiences.Many employees tend to resist to changes.Reinforcement should be applied.There is three stages of the Lewin’s change model which are unfreezing,changing and refreezing.In the Unfreezing process employees are given an option to change their old behaviors to new ones.Communication about the proposed changes is crucial at this stage; if employees are to understand and support the change. In this stage Managers need to implement a method…show more content…
In this design individuals are organized around the workflow. The advantage of Horizontal Design is that, the company will have fewer rules and put power in the hands of employees. Which will set employees satisfaction high. The disadvantage of Horizontal Design Structure is less efficient, it takes times and resources for a decision to be made. Individuals must learn more skills which can bring more stress, and it can be more interesting for others. In Horizontal Organizational Design, team members are likely to work together. Instead of each person having their own duties. Individuals may perform different function, and report to different supervisors with each member being equal in terms of power. Horizontal Structure team member are based upon building relationships among themselves. This structure is designed to improve communication and coordination in a company. This structure is composed of cross-functional team. It’s a team that can create solutions to problems that arise. In this team, new products are developed, and its more efficient and difficult. Cross-functional team is a team that has different functional expertise. In this team relationships are valuable when created and developed. Cross-functional team rely on clear concise, and constant communication within team members. Conflict is natural in cross-functional team. Cross functional team member’s individuals

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