Technical Education In Pakistan Essay

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Pakistan education infrastructure is poor. Education standard is low and is not set according to international standards, students are not encourage for practical implementation of the knowledge they gain. Most of the students are books sticky and no ideas of the real situations. Technical education is quite better in Pakistan, Pakistan has a wide technical infrastructure but to lack of technology these technical institution are not providing the latest techniques demanded by the modern market. D.A.E. (Diploma of Associate Engineering) is mostly offered by technical institution in the technologies of Civil engineering, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Architecture, Computer Sciences, Electronics and many other technologies
Management education
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English is compulsory subject teach till secondary level education. Graduation subjects are mostly taught in English language. M.phil & PhD is also offered in many universities in Pakistan. In Pakistan the businesses record is mainly carry forward out in English language but they almost speak their local language (URDU) in their communication. A wide network of English learning instuites is found in Pakistan.

Answer: Yes, data is available for helping sort out the quality of Pakistan educational institutional institutions. Pakistan Higher education Commission(HEC) is the regulating body for observing the education quality.

Answer: No, employee cannot move easily from one company to another in Pakistan because of the company’s insecurity of loosing their secrets and privacy. As employee are provided with post training which consume company funds, so employee bond their employee through long contracts. A certain percentage of salary is deducted from employee to keep them bong which will not be paid in case of leaving company prior to contract maturity. Local culture also don’t support the movement, employee who left the company the without permission is considered to be negative mark which arise many questions in the new recruitment employer. Recruitment agency also not facilitating the executive movement as the key information of the company may

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