Technical Quality In Health Care

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1.2 Quality Service in the Healthcare Sector.
Worldwide Healthcare providers, (Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies etc.) tries to ensure that healthcare services meet the expectation of its users by simply responding to the open market by strategic development(Gronroos, 1982; Bensing, 1991; Waal et al, 1993).When services are assessed, further information about patient satisfaction can be observed (Labarere et al,
2004). Service providers like the health care sector are predominated by the functional and technical form of quality(Gronroos, 1984). Technical quality in the health care service can be defined as how well the service provider uses its technical skills correctly in the diagnoses procedures (Emin & Glynn, 1991). Meanwhile, the functional
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Patients are satisfied with the clinical and physical dimensions of services quality but they have more preference for the clinical dimension than the physical. Noor & Phang (2008). Past studies has shown a strong relationship between loyalty, purchase intentions and patient satisfaction in the direction of the healthcare provider.(Lebarere et al, 2004; Hasin et al, 2001). The prominent end result of a satisfied patient is a positive word of mouth, lower operation costs for the health care provider resulting in a higher market share (Boshoff & Gray, 2004). Providers of healthcare are always striving to exceed the expectations of patients (Bopp, 1990) because patients pays high attention to and also their…show more content…
As a result of many endemic diseases, the life span of Cameroonians are shorten thus the average life expectancy of a Cameroonian is 51 years compared to the Netherlands with 79.9 years and 75 years in America(World Bank, 2008). Approximately 48% of the population of Cameroonians spend less than $1 per day thus they are living below the poverty line. Only 15% of the population of Cameroon had access to health care in 2001.(Camlink Men's Initiative, 2 0 0 8

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