Technical Violation In Offender Relapse

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Technical revocations are more common in probation and parole agencies. This type of probation violation can result in offender relapse in supervision. In the article “Technical revocations of probation in one jurisdiction: Uncovering the hidden realities by Stevens-Martin, Kelli; Oyewole, Olusegun; Hipolito, Cynthia, focused on the increase of technical violation. There was a case study conducted that compared offenders who violated their supervision and offenders who completed their supervision (Stevens-Martin, Kelli, Oyewole, Olusegun, Hipolito & Cynthia, 2014). Background information was obtained from several different sources that examined demographic information, probation offense and criminal history (Stevens-Martin et al, 2014). Demographic…show more content…
Criminal history variable showed that high risk offenders were the most to violate probation (Stevens-Martin et al, 2014). The three variables mentioned showed the different sides that data was collected to determine who would most likely violate probation (Stevens-Martin et al, 2014). The most common technical violations were failure to report, maintain employment, failure to pay court fees and restitution (Stevens-Martin et al, 2014). The offenders that got their technical violations revoked where usually offered treatment in lieu of time serve (Stevens-Martin et al, 2014). The most common type of offender that got technical violations were high risk with serious criminal history (Stevens-Martin et al, 2014). Usually the low risk offenders that tend to get a technical violation would get lenience by the judge (Steven-Martins et al, 2014). Offenders that resulted in completing probation were mostly employed (Steven-Martins et al, 2014). The only factors that made a difference in determining who was most likely to get a technical violation were in age, gender, employment and income (Stevens-Martin et al, 2014). Each of these factors shows how a person is likely to violate probation because they were exposed to a different circumstance. This article gave a good result of where a probation officer might be able to determine which client will most likely violate supervision. Probation and parole agencies that deal with technical violations also deal with different facts for effective supervision and recidivism rates. Furthermore, probation officers also need to consider using different factors to help with offender

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