Technip Vietnam Case Study Essay

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I had a conflict with my previous company four years ago. The conflict happened when I rejoined that company at the second time. By 2012, I had worked for the company named Technip Vietnam for two years. The Technip is a global corporation which has many affiliates around the world, and the head office in France. I left Technip Vietnam at the end of 2012 and went to Nigeria to join with Technip Nigeria. These two company has independent finance and have a few relationship in sharing manpower. They just have responsibility for reporting to Technip in France. After almost one year of working in Nigeria, I rejoined to Technip Vietnam with an agreement that I had to work for them at least three years. After reuniting few weeks, I realized that…show more content…
What other problems surround the occurrence of the central problem? There was no other issue like my problem so I could easily realize my situation. 4. Step four: Identify the root of cause: There are other two questions as follow: a. Why does the causal factor exist? My case of rejoining was a special case in working culture. Most of the company did not accept the employee returning when they already left. b. What is the real reason the problem occurred? After a long research, most of the leaders did not be willing to accept me to involve their projects because they were afraid of my leaving again even though I told them that I had to stay with the company at least three years. They thought I did not have loyalty to the organization. 5. Step five: Recommend and implement solutions: There are four questions for this steps as follow: a. What can you do to prevent the problem from happening again? As I mentioned above, I will not rejoin any company when I already left that organization. b. How will the solution be implemented? Diverting the way of loyalty thinking by accepting employees can leave and return the company regularly provided that comers will bring more benefits to a
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