Technological Factors Of Tesla Motors

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Technologic factors:
Technology is perhaps one the most important factors responsible for Tesla’s internal environment decisions and capabilities: digitalisation, improving technology and globalisation is having a significant effect on the automobile industry. Indeed, these technological advancements now allow for fully electric vehicles and driverless cars. The high rate of technological change is both an opportunity and a threat as the winners of this technological race will be those capable of appropriating these new technologies before their competition. Technological advancement is also a threat, since there is a risk of Tesla’s technology becoming obsolete, the firm must ensure that its R&D spending remains consequent so that it doesn 't fall behind its competitors. (, Tesla Motors, Inc. PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis & Recommendations)
Electric vehicles face two main technological challenges, high costs and suboptimal batteries, this is where Tesla has taken the lead on its competitors, their batteries are cheaper, charge faster and have a better range than those of the competition (200+ miles, up to a maximum of 300 miles), the infrastructure for charging these vehicles is also rapidly developing. (, How Tesla Is Driving Electric Car Innovation)

The major innovation that is coming is fully autonomous vehicles, Tesla, Inc. has stated that all their vehicles are fully equipped with the software required and that total autonomy will start to

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