Technological Threat To Nokia

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Describing and assessing the current technological threat to the Nokia
Nokia was the top valuable brand in the world, during the year 2005, with the turnover of euro billion 51.1. The brand name of “NOKIA” placed as a producer and seller of cell phones in the mobile industry. However with that era, Nokia was able to compete with other competitive cell phones brand. Because of its uniqueness. As a result of it, other brands was not success in the market. Because Nokia was the pioneer for cell phones.
In year 2007, disruptive technology was occur with concerning to fulfill the customers future needs. Because Apple company introduce their first innovative smart phone of “iPhone”. This become a revolt to the mobile industry. Therefore Google introduced a company which named as “Android” which is concern about an Open Handset Alliance. The group of mobile industry players (such as Samsung, HTC etc.) came an agreement to make open source (OS) for smart phone. To compete with iPhone. But Nokia was reject it, because apple and Google was small player to the Nokia and Nokia emphasis of their larger product portfolio. Apple and Google was focus radical nature about new market, cloud computing and computing to mobile. But Nokia do not practice it. It was the starting point to crisis of Nokia. Nokia is the best case for the disruptive technology in smart phones.
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However these brands were small players to the Nokia, but they make a competitive advantage than the Nokia. Being able to sustain the mobile phone industry.
Currently Nokia facing a technological threats, due to high ended and innovative technology of Apple and

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