Technology Affecting Adolescents

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Technology has dramatically change the way adolescents spend their time. This dramatic change may overwhelm the still developing adolescent brain and its adaptive mechanisms. Although the teen brain is ‘flexible’ and able to adapt easily, there are some limitations. The constant stimulation of technology can distract teens. Excessive use of technology can increase the chances of health problems. Technology can also isolate adolescents. Others might argue that technology is beneficial because it helps adolescents develop life skills and provide many opportunities to adolescents, however that is incorrect. Therefore, the American Academy of Pediatrics shouldn’t raise the recommended daily entertainment screen time from two hours…show more content…
This shows that not only does technology make it hard for people to focus but it can also effect an individual’s ability to complete a task. In addition, if a persons focus and attention is not fully toward their task then the quality of the work will decrease. Another reason why excessive use of technology is distracting to teens is that technology is rewiring the brain to multitask and multitasking has been indicated to have many negative effects. Not long ago, it was thought that the human brain was only able to process one stream of information at a time (Richtel). Nevertheless, people are rewiring their brains to multitask thus, causing their brains to be less efficient. Multitasking is particularly harmful to adolescents. According to “Distracted by Technology: Focusing Attention on Homework” it states, “During a study conducted by Dr. Rosen, he found out that those who were multitasking (studying and texting) had lower grades on their test than those whom weren’t multitasking.” This illustrates that if adolescents are media multitasking while studying then it can potentially harm their grades and academic performance. Not to mention, if an adolescent’s grades are dropping then they may not get into good colleges. Furthermore, distractions
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