Technology Affects Brain Stimulation

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Technology Affects Brain Stimulation For Children Technology should not be used by children because they are being distracted from society. Also, different types of technology can impact their health and emotions. Everyone’s families are different, and not everyone will be able to afford the newest technology. Children want to touch and feel lots of things, many children would like to own ipods and smartphones to communicate with others. Furthermore, Technology makes children become obese such as watching tv and sitting down for long amount of times. Also, there's a lot things children should not view that may be inappropriate that could impact them try new things at a young age. Modern technology should not be used by children therefore it…show more content…
Children should be able to use technology as long as there's limits on what they are doing. Technology as a whole is becoming heavily addicting to children. Also, “it is really bad because there is no more face to face which there is a loss of eye contacts, also may lead to depression. Building your kid a schedule will help them become more physically balanced not worry strange addiction such as playing for a long time or being on the phone for hours after hours. Modern technology should be allowed to be used by children to learn more. For kids today it is hard for them to imagine life without computers, the Internet, video games and other electronic devices we routinely use today. Today these devices are taken are used by children and adults, but these devices can help you write better with the use if auto correct, if your a visual learner it should also benefit you greatly. Modern technology can be very addicting, and hard to let go of but it shouldn't be used at the dinner tables or when your with your friends or your parents. Modern Technology has been improved over the years for the better. Also if you use tons of the internet you should limit your child what he or she can see. Moreover, you shouldn't leave your children unattended while using the internet it is very dangerous, and should not be viewed at such a small age. “Instead of a kid coming home and interacting with people, they hop on an electronic device, and that is a real challenge for them not to anything active”(Jonathan para.5). “Although the overuse of digital technology can have negative impacts for people of any age, children and adolescents may be especially vulnerable to its effects given their critical stages of brain development”(Olsen para. 6). When we connect in person we can have more deeper conversation then through texting on a phone, which might not mean anything to
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