Technology Affecting Education

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To What Extent Does Technology Affect the Future of Education?
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Potential students or learners have different learning needs and styles which every learning institution is addressing to effectively help every student. One of the ways to address multiple intelligences is by introducing technology inside or outside of the classroom.
Many educational institutions and educators has given similar meaning of technology. These are the tools such as media, machines, hardwares, and networking to effectively use in teaching and learning to improve learning performance. There has been many and various emerging trends and processes of effectively
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74 % of the respondents said that technology enables them to reinforce and expand on content and to motivate students to learn, 73% said technology helps them to respond to a variety of learning styles and 69% said educational technology allows them to “do much more than ever before” for their students.
Some of the negative effects of technology in education is the misuse or even abuse of cellphones. Students are highly distracted in the classroom when they have their cellphones with them. Instead of participating in class and listening to the teachers, they use cell phones for online gaming and social media. They even use technology to just copy and paste data from the internet instead of interpreting information, generating ideas and creating new knowledge.Teachers and parents must then recognize the downside of these technologies and how to avoid them to make the best out of these
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Training on how-to to these technological innovations is necessary for teachers to be knowledgeable and skilled in the know-how of these technologies to be able to use them effectively in the classroom for quality education.
Furthermore teachers must use technology to complement and enhance their teaching and never allow technology to replace them and their teaching. No one must force themselves to use technology inappropriately because there are some better and more effective alternatives to technology like personal interviews, physical presence in group discussions, and more.
Disturbances caused by technology in the learning process can be solved by restricting the rules or regulation of the school to not allow students to use their gadget while in class might be a right potential solution. Monitoring the use of technology and proper guidance to students is necessary as netiquette and technology etiquette should be introduced to students and practiced by everyone in the educational system for with new technology comes great
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