Technology And Civil War Essay

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How has Technology impacted U.S. History Economically and Socially since the Civil War? From 1970 to now, technology has affected America in an economically and socially way since the Civil War. Cellphones, Homeland Security, Mp3’s, Laptops, Space Shuttles, Cancer, Robots, ATM’s, Hybrid cars, Modern medical advances, Transnational Extremism, and many more contemporary technologies have influenced our lives on an everyday basis. Having these technological devices makes communication among the masses more sociable and obtainable. To be quite frank, the world we live in, has changed dramatically from over 40 years ago. Advances in technology have helped America economically since the Civil War till now, technology has been advancing at a dramatically higher rate. On November 6, 1970, NASA launched its first satellite into orbit which claims can detect missile launching from anywhere in the world. Satellites later develop, and offered better broadcasting capabilities, weather forecast and Internet. “I’m the most recognized…show more content…
Technology is still advancing and increasing day by day. A lot of new technology is scheduled to be introduced in the near future, making communication, learning, transportation, online banking, social network, biotechnology and the Internet prime properties of the future. Modern technology will enhance our lives and ensure longevity for many more decades to come. Time capsules and photos will capture our precious moments and give light to this society in the upcoming decades. We like the previous society will be a mere history book paragraph, but with a photo and videos of how 1970-2015 we’re clearly affected by Technology. “Economic growth with social progress lets the great majority of people remain in poverty, while a privileged few reap the benefits of rising abundance. –John F.

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