Essay On Fahrenheit 451 Technology

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Technology appears to do the talking more often now that humans have succumbed to it. In the futuristic society of Fahrenheit 451 technology is advanced but also manipulating. Many people within Ray Bradbury’s novel are damaged by the advancement of the cutting edge television screen. How has technology affected the progress of humanity? In the novel, Guy Montag attempts to thrive in a world where cars can go 80 mph in mere seconds but then he realizes he is not truly happy with himself. He begins to truly question the actions of society’s conformity, in the way it affects his wife Mildred, an old man named Faber and Montag himself. Montag is a fireman, a job that includes burning books and the homes they are found in. But the tables turn when…show more content…
Clarisse is the character that strikes the match in Montag’s soul. She brings a new perspective to the idea of being human and what it means to be part of a real family (7). After that Montag begins his journey to find himself, and to dig himself out the twisted world he lives in. At the end of the first part in the novel Montag reveals that he has been illegally storing books in his home over the past year (63). This is an important aspect of Montag’s character development because it exhibits his willingness to go against the law to find the truth. Montag is labeled a fugitive after breaking several other laws and each step he takes is now an attempt to outrun the cops. He barely evades the media’s plan for his capture when they ask those watching his chase on tv to unify together and catch him (132). Montag executes a narrow escape with the help of Faber and eventually the scholars. Montag learns that the best place he can be is with the scholars, a group of men deemed outcasts because of their love for literature (143). When the city goes up in flames after a bomb is dropped Montag describes the ashy seen. Montag’s friend, Granger believes the city resembles a phoenix, from destruction it will rise; brand new and better than the previous
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