Technology And Cyberbullying

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In this era of globalization, technology has become more prevalent in our society. Many young people nowadays are indulging in social media and technology such as smartphone, laptop, Facebook and twitter to communicate with one another with the help of internet. This has brought a big influence in today’s generation and make them feel miserable without using it in a day. With this technology advancement, people now have even more opportunities to cyberbully others. Chisholm (2014) defined cyberbullying as the intentional and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones or other electronic devices. It has subsequently led to a rise in a completely new kind of bully. Unlike traditional bullying, which largely relies on physical…show more content…
It is a crucial problem caused by the anonymity of the cyberbully and it could happen at any time at any place. Frisen, Slonje and Smith (2012) stated that adolescence is a peak period for involvement in cyberbullying. However, most people think that cyberbullying just includes when someone saying mean words to people but there are more ways to torture people as technology grow such as cheating, flaming, online harassment, cyberstalking, impersonating others online, denigration and others more. People should be more aware and give attention towards this issue because there are many negative impacts that might harm today’s generation if cyberbullying keeps continue day by day. A repeated cyberbully harm todays’ generation because it can affect the victims’ reputation, behavior and…show more content…
Cyberbully can cause mental health problems and/or young people may experience bullying because of their mental health issues (Chisholm, 2014). As a victim have been cyberbullied repeatedly, they are most likely to experience a mental disturbance. This happened because they feel too stressful due to the pressure from the anonymity perpetrators that continuously harass them. The crucial part is when the victims unable to control their pressure until they do something that harm themselves such as committing suicide which are not supposed to happen. Cyberbullying is not thought to be part of normal development and exposure to cyberbullying is known to be harmful and can increase the risk of suicidal ideation (Donegan, 2012). The impact of cyberbully on mental health is the main concern because no one care about this matter, it causes a lasting effect on the victims’ brain that may harm them. Other than mental disturbance, most of the cyberbullying victims reported to be more emotional and lost concentration after have been cyberbullied. Safaria (2016) stated that young people who experience cyberbullying show higher level of depression, anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms, suicidal thoughts and low self-esteem. After have been cyberbullied, of course the victims unable to think rationally and what they just think is all about insecurity that make them feel unsafe. This will increase their

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