Technology And Education: The Importance Of Technology

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1.1 Introduction
We live in a rapidly changing technological world where technologies are extending human capacities. We therefore need to prepare children to understand, experience and make an active contribution to learn, communicate and develop the appropriate skills. Children live in a world where they have access to various forms of ICT. Young children have the potential to become ICT literate in science at a very early age.

Watch this video about introducing technology to young children. (

Importance of ICT

Technology is an integral part of children’s everyday lives. At home they come in contact with mobile phones, television remote controls, digital clocks, computer and toys that have buttons and particular functions. Whilst outside the home they see cash registers, bar-code scanners, traffic lights, automatic doors, security cameras etc. To lay the foundations of the scientifically literate individual and to help develop children’s understanding of scientific concepts and skills, children need to have a “positive learning disposition” towards science and the use of ICT.

Positive Learning Disposition or attitude that children and teachers should have toward science and the use of ICT are:
• Being ready, willing and able to participate in various ways.
• “Willing” teachers and “eager” learners.
• Taking an interest
• Being involved
• Persisting with difficulty or uncertainty
• Communicating with others
▪ Taking
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