Modern Technology In Teaching Essay

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Living in an era of huge technological improvement, an era where great number of people are addicted to their modern toys, where they can’t imagine a day spent without using them, even though mostly for useless purposes, teachers can ask themselves a question "How can we use some of so many devices to make an improvement in teaching process?" Everybody is aware of the rapid progress in modern technologies and the way they affect our lives and everyday situations. Modern technological innovations are present everywhere in our workplaces, in our homes, schools, streets etc. Teachers’ workplaces are schools and their main preoccupation is their teaching process and the best way possible they can improve it and transfer their knowledge to the…show more content…
One of the main disadvantages is students speaking skills. Using modern technologies, students can improve their skills, but mostly writing and listening. Another disadvantage is lower human interaction, student-teacher, student-student, student-outside world etc. People don’t gather anymore but they create chat groups online, and talk through messages. Nevertheless, from my point of view, technology should be included in process of teaching, because it could be a real step forward in education worldwide. It is evident that some of the leading countries are more and more into modernizing of their educational system. Unfortunately not every country has enough power to include every piece of technology in their education. From making some slides and pictures, to videos, it can help for better understanding of different situations through the all educational levels. That’s a simple example how technology can help in teaching process, and there are so many "yes" to technology as a part of educational and teaching process, hopefully that it will be useful tool for both, teachers and students. If we don’t let technology to enter into our education, we will stay at the same level as we are now. As you sow, so you shall reap. Teachers should include the technology into their teaching process and the results will eventually
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