Technology And Technology Essay

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A much debated question is whether technology has had a lot of negative effects on people’s lives. The main argument is about five aspects which are personal relationships, privacy , people’s independence and education. Maslow 's (1943, p. 375 ) supports that human needs like ladder from low to high is hierarchically divided into five kinds, respectively is: 1physiological needs, 2 security needs, 3social demand, 4 respect needs, 5 self-actualization needs. Science and technology can make the development of society better. Technology allows us to live more safely, so that we can get more food, so that we can communicate more easily, to meet people 's social and improve work efficiency, so that people are more rich. These can assist people in gaining happiness. Technology makes it easier for people to reach the theory proposed by Maslow. Therefore, it is necessary for these needs to be satisfied in every aspect of our lives including technology use. However, it is questionable whether technology has helped to improve our lives in these fields. The purpose of this essay is to argue that technology makes people’s life much better. This essay has been divided into four parts. First of all, the issue of the impact of technology on relationships will be discussed. After that the essay will focus on the relationship between technology and freedom (independence). The next it is people’s privacy in technology’s world. Lastly, the influence of science and technology in education
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